BioTex is committed to innovating and developing optical solutions to medical, biomedical, and environmental problems. Our current research focuses on early stage development of both diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications. Our goal in this mission is to build value in new technologies by directing effective research and development programs and demonstrating performance and commercial utility of promising new devices and procedures. BioTex is a registered FDA manufacturer and has developed products from concept to FDA 510(k) cleared medical devices.


Visualase is a laser technology that utilizes light energy to destroy soft tissue including tumor or damaged tissue. Laser energy is delivered to the target area (the lesion) using a laser probe. As light is delivered through the laser probe temperatures in the target area begin to rise, destroying the unwanted tissue. Because Visualase procedures are guided by MRI images, the procedure can provide precise targeting. The procedure is minimally invasive and has been reported in medical journals to be pain free and require a short recovery time. Read more at